Power of Xtrades

Xtrades is the complete collaboration platform for traders – allowing optimized interaction to ensure consistent success.

– Collaborate with those that are in the position you wish to be in.  Traders that have already accomplished the ability to consistently make profits in the markets.
– Data Edge: Receive sentiment data on the hottest plays in the US Stocks and Options market.
– Build together:  Our application creates opportunities to allow users to contribute and earn in the process!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Xtrades

Xtrades is a collaborative Stocks and Options platform that has interaction, incentivization, and recognition features, allowing for high performance interaction and crowd data requests in real time.  Users will find that being involved with Xtrades will give them a massive edge in the markets.

Do you guys trade Stocks, Options, and Crypto?

Yes!  In fact our Stocks and Options division is Xtrades.net while the Crypto division belongs to CryptoTraders.com but we are all under one umbrella.  We have over 16 moderators and analysts that are actively guiding our users through the market.

Is Xtrades Worth it?

For $38/month, that’s less than a monthly dine out at the local sports bar.  You’ll probably end up saving yourself a lot more money just through the pointers that our experienced experts are giving.  We aim to provide value and allow a price that let’s users treat this as a less expensive “Tuition”