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The only trader collaboration tool you’ll need to find success in the US markets!

The Power of Xtrades

Enhanced collaboration via our Web App + Discord

Reliable Trading Info

Member only upddates from over 1000 ranked traders posted in organized fashion.

Reach Your Trading Potential

Access our ever-growing arsenal of videos, custom indicators, scripts, and educational text and other tools to reach your true potential in the markets. Learn about technical analysis and fundamental analysis!

Build a Reputation and Earn!

Build a monthly income by contributing to the community! Experience Member only updates from over 1000 ranked traders posted in organized fashion.

A Premium Product for Finding Trade-Ideas


High Win Rate Plays: Xtrades only hires the finest of analysts. Most of us traded together from the very beginning and have constantly helped each other learn along the way to creating 6-7 figure accounts.


Our member only plays are announced within 1 second of being spotted via real-time market data scanners or personal watchlists / alert mechanisms.


Using various technical scans and with the help of our news watching analysts. we prepare your next trading day by providing watchlists afterhours for finding stocks and options plays.


Make a monthly recurring income by referring users to our community, and being a content contributor!


Join weekly webinars and access our continously updated video lesson archive and premium learning courses.


Constantly refined custom scripts, indicators, and scanner settings for a multitude of platforms: Etrade Pro, Trade-Ideas, Think or Swim, and Trading view.

How Do Alerts Work?




per month

The only trading app a beginner will ever need.
When I'm looking for the next big play, I always search through Xtrades chat first. They only output high quality plays, not for the purpose of pumping
Affordable, and easy to use. Literally simplified the process of trading collaboration on the net.

Frequently Asked Questions

Xtrades is a private community that operates on an Interactive web and mobile application designed to assist traders and investors in gathering real-time opinions and data for making trades and profitable actions.

We’ve gamified our platform to incentivize helpful behavior and also utilize our very own custom algorithm for determining a trader or investor’s level of skill based on keywords and timing. Our platform allows users to earn money and recognition for participating in another person’s success.

To prepare those that have no knowledge at all. Xtrades provides necessary tools and resources to build a basic foundation in the way we believe traders should build their foundation to be the most optimal when passing developmental stages of their career.

Yes! In fact our Stocks and Options division is while the Crypto division belongs to but we are all under one umbrella.We have over 16 moderators and analysts that are actively guiding our users through the market.

For $38/month, that’s less than a monthly dine out at the local sports bar.You’ll probably end up saving yourself a lot more money just through the pointers that our experienced experts are giving.We aim to provide value and allow a price that let’s users treat this as a less expensive “Tuition”

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